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KANNONCHIKU - home to the National Rhapispalm COLLECTIONANGLESEY
top ten varieties
The ranking list is compiled by Mr Koichi Inoue, who is possibly the most recognised Japanese grower.
A former president of the Kansokai (Japanese Rhapis Society) and now the Ranking Organizer and Advisor to the Board.

New Types
Shokanishiki (2000) derived from Shozannishiki
Asukanishiki(2001) Was known as Taiwanchikushima -
Shigonishiki(2002) derived from Shiroganenishiki
Ayahime (2002) derived from Ayanishiki
Obannoshima (2002) Was called Towadennoshima ,then it was
officially registered and known as Obannoshima ! From the all-green Towaden .
Koban-nochihaze(2003)- from Kobannoshima , has lime stripes !
Ryuzan (2003) - derived from Hakuryuho
Benkei (2003) -
Nanzannokawari (2001) - a lime striped division of Nanzannishiki

Kobannoshima No.1 ranked
Top ten on the ranking list for 2007.
1. Obannoshima
2. Heiwadennoshima
3. Hakusetsunohikari
4. Kobanshiroshima
5. Hakuchonoshima
6. Benkei
7. Hakuseiden
8. Kobannoshima
9. Hakuryuho
10. Taiheinishiki

Kobanoshima was ranked No1 for many years - now No 2
Kansokai Ranking Chart
Top ten on the ranking list for 2005. 1.Obannoshima
2. Heiwadennoshima
3. Kobannochihaze
4. Kobannoshima
5. Hakuchonoshima
6. Hakusetsunohikari
7. Shirotaenishiki
8. Hakuryuho
9. Hakuseiden
Kansokai Ranking Chart

Top 20 on the Ranking list for 2004
1. Obannoshima
2. Kobannoshima
3. Benkei / Koban-nochihaze
4. Hakuchonoshima / Taiheinishiki
5. Asukanishiki / Shigonishiki
6. Asahinishiki
7. Heiwadennoshima
8. Hakusetsunotakara
9. Kobannoshiroshima
10. Ryuzan
11. Shokanishiki
11. Ayahime
12. Fujinoyuki
13. Ginsekai
14. Aikokudennoshima
15. Tenzannohomare
16. Hakuryuho
17. Shiroganenishiki
20. Hakusetsunohikari

Comparing Obannoshima specimens
The picture is courtesy of Mr. Tadashi Oka, president of the Kansokai

.. Mr. Oka said "the nicely striped one on the left will tend to split the leaf while the greener larger specimen will have broader leaves. Even though the stripe pattern is better on the smaller palm , Obannoshima with some stripe, but with no split leaves are more desirable as it keeps the correct shape of Towaden from which it is derived."

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KANNONCHIKU - home to the National Rhapispalm COLLECTIONANGLESEY
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