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Rhapis excelsa, 'Eizannishiki' These slow growing long lived palms have been part of Japanese culture since their arrival in Japan around 1600, but are virtually unknown in the west.

Kannonchiku are propagated by removing the suckers, only two or three are produced each year which makes it slow to produce large numbers of plants.
New varieties come from seed but only 1 in 10,000 seedlings will produce a worthy new cultivar which might warrant registration.

High quality new cultivars can command extremely high values with some selling for thousands of dollars in Japan.

Kannonchiku are delightful elegant palms to collect and make ideal houseplants, preferring shade and tolerant of dry conditions. Resistant to pests and diseases , with ease of propagation and care, a living heirloom.
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Rhapis excelsa named cultivars
Kannonchiku are a naturally dwarf form of Rhapis excelsa palm which rarely reach two metres, they have stems covered in fibrous bark and fan shaped leaves. Subtle variation of leaf shape, colour, texture , and variegation of leaf, make this a truly unique palm.

There are over one hundred named cultivars of Kannonchiku (Rhapis excelsa). From 1947 they have been registered by the Japan Kansochiku Association (Kansokai) who standardized the list of varieties.

The varieties can be divided into 4 groups dependent on place of origin.
1 The Native group - early introductions since the seventeenth century.
2 Rakanchiku - originate from Southern China.
3 Taiwanchiku - Came to Japan from Taiwan in great numbers around 1937
4 Imported Group - Imported from places other than Southern China and Taiwan with characteristics dependent on place of origin.

Zuikonishiki Mangetsunotakara Daikokutenoshima

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